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    Roof Leak Repair

    Fast Roof Leak Repair

    When you see water marks on your ceiling or walls, it is time to call our local roof leak repair company. When water finds its way into your home it can be very difficult to locate the actual leak. Water may travel a long distance before it becomes apparent. We are experts at finding the problem, whether you need roof repair or help for an older surface.

    Have a Weather Emergency?
    Our roof leak repair service is available to you every day of the year. We will stop water from damaging your home with emergency tarps, and then examine the roof when it’s safe to do so. After that, you will get the most comprehensive and careful storm damage repair in the area.

    All Types of Roof Leak Repair

    There are many situations when you might need roof leak repair. Water only needs a tiny avenue to enter into your home. Once it does, it naturally makes this point of entrance increasingly larger. A drip becomes dribble, then a trickle, and a stream. At that point substantial damage to the interior of your home will occur. If you should see a trace of water, call us right away. We will find the leak and stop it before it becomes a critical situation.

    There are many different reasons why you might need roof leak repair:

    Storm damage repair – The Mid Atlantic coast experiences frequent high winds and driving rains that can challenge the integrity of any building material. An older surface, or one that was not installed properly, can easily fail and leak during a coastal storm. Heavy wind-driven sleet in the winter and ice forming under shingles can also weaken the protective barrier.

    Poorly sealed flashings – We will check the sheets that surround rooftop edges, encircle vent pipes and chimneys, and line valleys where angles meet. These are prime roof leak repair spots, and we can fix them quickly.

    Ice dams – When gutters become blocked and heavy runoff is restricted, the excess water can back up underneath the outer edge of the underlayment and get in the soffit. It may then show up as a stain on the top of the wall inside. Water trapped in soffits in the winter causes wood decay. Gutters can literally fall off of a house with rotted soffits.

    Falling and flying objects – Falling tree branches or entire trees can severely damage shingles, from punctures to scratches. If yours needs this kind of roof repair, we will fix it right the first time.

    Was Your Rooftop Properly Installed?
    Improper installation is the most common cause of failure. In shingles, this can include the wrong nail pattern, which can result in tabs that are vulnerable to wind lift. Nails driven too firmly through the shingle can simply punch a hole in the surface that results in leaks.

    Is Your Surface Old?
    A rooftop that has reached the end of its expected life may see shingles begin to curl up, break off, lose protective grit or lift during high wind. These are beyond roof leak repair services and need to be replaced. We will tear off all the existing damaged material and replace it with one of the many advanced shingle systems that we install.

    Shingle Options
    We work with Owens Corning because their reputation and selection are second to none.

    To prevent requiring serious roof leak repair, it is always best to immediately address any sign of water on the inside of the home, like stains on the ceiling or walls. A musty smell in the attic could also be a sign, as are rust streaks from nails that poke through into the attic.

    Prevent Problems
    Roof Leak Repair Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake It is also sound thinking to have a regular routine inspection by one of our leak detection experts. The inspector can also tell if an older installation is nearing its end and recommend a new one. We offer a ten-year leak and labor guarantee on all new roof replacements – the best in the area.

    If you have noticed water in your home, even if only a few drops, do not hesitate to call us. A drip stopped today is a flood prevented tomorrow. We can do roof leak repair in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and all of Tidewater.

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