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    Roofing FAQ’s

    Roofing FAQ's

    Q. Are you insured?
    A. Yes, we carry full liability insurance.

    Q. Are you licensed?
    A. Yes, we are a licensed contractor in the state of Virginia.

    Q. Do I need to be home while my roof is being replaced?
    A. No, we will complete a final inspection with the homeowner once the roof is installed and the homeowner can be present.

    Q. Will there be a supervisor on site at all times?
    A. Yes, we will either have the project manager or supervisor on site at all times.

    Q. Do I need to be home for the estimate?
    A. Yes, it is advised for the homeowner to be present so we can go over the detailed scope of work of the roof inspection and roofing needs.

    Q. Will my plants and shrubs be safe during the roof installation?
    A. Yes, we cover all plants and shrubs with tarps for protection. We also roll a magnet around the house upon completion to pick up any lose nails.

    Q. What if it rains while my roof is being installed? Will I be protected?
    A. Yes, you will be protected in the chance it rains during installation. We only remove what can be put back in the same day and will never leave your roof open to the elements.

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